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From the first car to the first home, a new business or a new addition to the family, Mars Insurance Agency has been the company Illinois has trusted since 1968. That’s a half-century of providing service with integrity to both residential and business clients in need of solid insurance protection. With an outstanding team of dedicated professionals, a network of top-rated insurance carriers and the technology necessary to bring them together efficiently and effectively, Mars Insurance Agency works for you.

The Advantage of Experience

1968 was a year that hosted many firsts. In 1968, Dr. Christian Barnard performed the first successful heart transplant. McDonalds sold its first Big Mac at a price of 49 cents and the Boeing 747 made its first flight. It was also the year that Mars Insurance was established. Throughout our history, Mars Insurance has evolved and grown only in response to the needs of our customers. For a half-century we have developed relationships with our employees, our clients and a host of insurance companies. Each of these relationships depends upon the other…and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Our years of experience have given us an in-depth understanding of the many risk management solutions insurance products provide. Our team of professionals has practical hands-on experience in tailoring protection for residential and commercial interests, providing products from top-rated insurance carriers with reputations for excellence in customer service. We put all of our experience to work for each and every client of Mars Insurance Agency.

The Advantage of CHOICE

No single insurance company can provide adequate protection for every risk, whether it’s a residential or commercial issue. Many companies specialize in personal lines of insurance, while others focus on businesses. There are further limitations within these narrow scopes of service. For instance, some insurance carriers rates are more attractive for specific groups of drivers. Some insurers favor construction businesses while others prefer to focus on retail establishments. A captive agency represents one insurance company. Working with an agency that represents one insurance company can be frustrating…and costly. Mars Insurance Agency offers options that you simply cannot find with a captive agency. As an independent insurance agency, Mars provides a multitude of products from a broad and diverse group of top-rated insurance carriers. Each of these companies has a history of delivering unparalleled customer service.

The Mars Insurance Agency Advantage

Our mission statement sums it up: our commitment isn’t to a single insurance carrier. We’re not dedicated to ‘pushing’ the products of a company. We’re committed to building relationships with our customers, our insurance companies and our employees in order to deliver risk management solutions that provide peace of mind and security for years to come.


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