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A History of Meeting Needs

Mars Insurance Agency was originally established back in 1968 with a very specific purpose in mind: to meet the needs of our valued insurance customers. Our clients enjoyed the personal attention and professional service we provided, and it didn’t take long before they started asking if we could handle all of their insurance needs. That was the beginning of who we are today: a full service independent insurance agency dedicated to becoming the one and only agent our client’s will ever need.

Personal service from REAL people!

When we first started serving customers, we used large books full of information to provide rates. If you wanted more than one copy of a document, you used carbon paper, and no one could reach you unless you were in the office. Before cell phones, before laptops and the internet and printers and most of the things we enjoy today, doing business was…complicated.

Enhancement, NOT Replacement

We love the simplicity that technology brings. Providing quotes, sharing information, expedited claims processing: it’s all made possible by innovative technologies that weren’t available prior to the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1990. However, the arrival of every gain generally demands a sacrifice, and, unfortunately, personal service suffered. Call centers, auto attendants and other ‘innovations’ that remove the people from the personal service equation have become a source of frustration for many customers. When it comes to technology, Mars Insurance Agency lives by a simple rule:

Technology should ENHANCE personal service, not replace it.

That’s why you talk to a real person when you call our office: not an automated system. It’s the same reason we take the time to actually listen to you, and that’s something that’s becoming more and more rare. Knowing you and your family, understanding your needs and the different risks you face helps us provide a risk management solution that won’t come up short if you ever suffer a loss. It also ensures you’re not paying for insurance you really don’t need. Earning your trust, developing a relationship with you and learning about the risks you face: that’s personal service. That’s what we do at Mars Insurance Agency.

Proud to be an Independent Insurance Agency

There are two types of insurance agencies: Captive and Independent. A captive insurance agency represents one insurance company, offering only the products that company provides. An independent insurance agency represents a host of insurance carriers, enabling your agent to search a vast network to find just the right policy…at just the right price. If one company raises its rates, your independent agent shops for a better option. That’s something a captive agent can’t do. If your needs change and your captive agent’s company can’t provide the coverage you need, your only option is to find another agent. Mars Insurance is proud to be an Independent Insurance Agency.

Mission Statement

At Mars Insurance Agency we are committed to the relationships we build with our customers and our companies. It is through these relationships that we are able to provide outstanding service and products and assist in identifying the specific insurance requirements allowing our customers peace of mind and security for years to come.

Meet Our Team

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